AoShun, (pronounced "ocean").

It took a lot of searching, but eventually this word was uncovered.  AoShun is the Dragon King of the Northern Seas in Chinese mythology. Commonly regarded as the divine ruler of an ocean. Although Dragon Kings appear in their true forms as dragons, they have the ability to shape shift into human form and live underwater.

The original idea behind Aoshun Spearfishing Supply was to sell the freediving and spearfishing gear we sell at our retail location in Rocky Point on Long Island New York. Moving forward we will be phasing out on-line sales of basic dive gear and spearguns. These items will still be available but only at our retail location at School of Fish in Rocky Point.  

The AoShun Spearfishing Supply website will now focus on handmade spearguns by DMsea and various speargun components like trigger mechanisms, handles, reels, roller muzzles and the various parts needed to construct a speargun.

Keep an eye on our blog for build tutorials and videos of upcoming speargun builds.

 Contact Aoshun:

ph. 631-605-7520
eMail aoshunspears@gmail.com


Come visit Aoshun inside the walls of School of Fish
Location: 572 Route 25A • Rocky Point • NY 11778