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Roller Muzzle Layout

This is a quick post about some common mistakes that can occur if you aren't careful when laying out a muzzle on a wood rollergun. Ask me how I know! Depending on the hardware you decide to use some of what I will talk about here may not apply so keep that in mind.  To date I have built two double rollers five single rollers three roller hole guns and one inverted rollergun. Of those eleven guns the ones that performed the best all had open tracks. I'm not sure why but the open track guns all shot more predictably with better accuracy and with a flatter shaft trajectory. These guns all had a "deep open track." Parts I use at the...

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Double roller speargun build

The Plan: Every Winter when the water is frigid I retreat to my basement shop where I build my spearguns. I like to try something new each Winter and this year I decided it would be an all-wood double roller rear handled gun with a "cuttlefish shape." It was during the previous Summer I decided this would be my Winter project/goal. Late summer, early Fall I started acquiring images of this style gun from various sources and gun builders whose guns I had been admiring. Antony Bullock (Ace Spearguns), Peter Kedzo (Petar Pan), Sniper Sub and of course Alemani were just a few of the different builders whose guns I poured over before starting this build. I also researched the...

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Hybrid roller speargun build by DM Sea

Last Winter I started planning to build my first two hybrid spearguns (pictured below). I wanted these guns to be similar to a Daryl Wong hybrid only I wanted to use roller heads rather than standard muzzles. Having never built a hybrid I scoured through the spearfishing forums to research the topic until I had enough information to feel confident at taking a shot at it. After building 18 or so wood spearguns I was up for another challenge and looked forward to seeing it come together. After completing the guns I did some pool testing and had to adjust the bands several times before finding the happy medium between ease of loading and power. The guns work great and a few people...

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